Ср. Сен 30th, 2020

Ukraine needs reforms and reformation


Ukraine in a difficult situation: war and reforms, — must go through the reformation. Such a conclusion can be drawn from a conversation with the heople’s Deputy, the chairman of the Organizing Committee of the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in Ukraine Pavel Unguryan.
In celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in Kiev, on Khreshchatyk Street, September 17 will be Thanksgiving Day. This is a festival in which guests from many countries of the world, pop stars, as well as the world famous Nick Vuychich, agreed to take part. The event will be started with a Hrayer for Ukraine. After that, the guests will be able to have fun in various competitions, learn a lot of new and useful things, listen to the concert. For them — a charitable lecture by Nick Vuychich. Fnd on Khreshchatyk the final of the All-Ukrainian motor rally «Let’s unite Ukraine together!».
Pavel Unguryan says that it is not so much festive events as serving people. People with disabilities are invited to the holiday, for them — a specially organized space so that such people do not feel limited or deprived, get positive emotions. And this is what Ukraine needs now.
According to Pavel Unguryan, after the EuroMaidan, Ukrainians are opening their hearts to each other more and more. This is expressed in charity, which, in the form of a volunteer movement, embraced the whole country, and in mutual assistance. The reformation, says Pavel Unguryan, changed the European civilization and led to the success of the new states: the United States, South Korea. «Their success is based on the fact that Christianity, the Gospel, biblical virtues have become a guidebook for the whole people,» he says. «And in a few decades, South Korea has turned from a very poor country into an economic» tiger «of the region’s economy!» According to Pavel Unguryan, Ukraine has good resources, statehood, and God’s commandments have everything necessary for success. Thus, Ukrainians have something to thank God.

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