Пт. Окт 23rd, 2020

Fracture and renewal: what awaits Ukraine in 2019


Ukraine will host presidential and parliamentary elections in 2019. The presidential campaign began on December 31, 2018. What awaits our country and its citizens? The forecast is given by the astrologer Jyotish Alexander Obraztsov:

— This year will be a turning point for Ukraine.

Difficulties between eclipses

In January 2019, two eclipses will take place: solar (January 6) and lunar (January 21). Interestingly, just on January 6, it is supposed that the head of the PCVU Epiphanius and the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko will receive a tomos about the autocephalous status of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine.

Alexander Obraztsov suggests that this event, which he called significant, will be accompanied by tense aspects from the point of view of astrology Jyotish: “The first significant events in the life of the Ukrainian state will take place around January 6, the house of the armed forces, invaders and foreign spies will be active. There will be a solar eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius. In Ukraine, on January 6, a landmark event is planned — the receipt of a tomos. ”

However, difficulties will be rather impulsive: “Difficulties will be associated with the state treasury and the population and occur in bursts. These bursts will be between the solar eclipse of January 6 (will not be observed on the territory of Ukraine) and the lunar eclipse of January 21 (will be observed). ”

Illusions, rainbows and enemies

If ferment is expected in the “lower ranks”, then in the “upper ranks” the mood is the most New Year’s: “Excession of the government of the country, connected with the illusions of its prospects … It is likely that at the 49th economic forum in Davos, Switzerland, on January 22, the impending wave of economic crisis will be discussed, and the forum itself may have quite bright prospects for the Ukrainian economy, but not for its citizens, ”said astrologer Alexander Obraztsov.

In his opinion, the 40th session of the UN Human Rights Council will be successful for Ukraine (February 25 — March 22, 2019), where the issue of Ukraine and the temporarily occupied territories will be discussed: “A surprising coincidence of the end date with the end of Mars transit by the sign of Aries . This indicates the commitment of Ukraine at this meeting, which will be enshrined with success in the desired decisions of the UN Council. ”

And if on the external sites the high hopes of the authorities are appropriate, inside and around Ukraine there is a high probability of spies and secret agents activating, radicalization of a part of the population, economic difficulties, perhaps, disorders in the work of the Cabinet of Ministers, until his resignation in April 2019, and this process will be accompanied by tensions in the Verkhovna Rada. It is not excluded, due to the attraction of extensive loans, “but due to the connection with Mars and retrograde Venus, these will mostly be loans that will have to be repaid” (perhaps, it will be a matter of restructuring debts on harsh conditions). The astrologer warns that this process will be accompanied by the fact that “the passion will be shown very strongly,” which could lead to a parliamentary-government crisis and the resignation of the government.

Moreover, based on the prediction of the astrologer Alexander Obraztsov, there is a possibility of religious disturbances, in particular, in March. Much more dangerous is another possibility — conflicts in the sphere of the armed forces and government reforms. “Worldwide in March and May there will be a surge of natural disasters and disasters. For Ukrainians, this will be a period of “painful insight,” says Alexander Obraztsov.

Misty dirty selections and their transfer

The astrologer also sees this version of the outcome of the presidential election, which started on December 31, 2018, as a departure from the current government: “In the card of recognition of the will of the people of December 1, 1991. There is a period of Aries-Gemini until May 23, and then Aries-Cancer. Aries get 10 house of this card — the government, and in Gemini — 12 house of the rulers, the loss. This suggests that the government will either resign or the current president will not be elected for a second term. ”

However, it is not possible to quickly and easily establish the results of the expression of will, even the third round is possible and / or a lengthy identification of the winner: “On March 30, Jupiter will go from Scorpio to Sagittarius. From about March 15, Jupiter will be found in Gandante — the gap between the fire and water sign. In the sign of Sagittarius, Jupiter will not pass and 1 degree will immediately begin retrograde motion and will return to Sagittarius on April 22, and will leave Gandant on May 9. For Ukraine, this can be interpreted as an increase in protest and separatist sentiment, which will temporarily be restrained by the patience of people. Dissatisfaction with the policy of the country’s leadership will cause local outbursts of discontent. In turn, the Ukrainian authorities themselves will commit actions that encourage protests, the presidential elections scheduled for March 31 will be postponed for the summer period or delayed due to violations. ” The elections will be very dirty and many people may suffer, the astrologer believes.

April 9, Jupiter will begin a backward movement. It was in the region of April 9-22 that the political crisis in Ukraine will intensify, and the enemies of the country will use weakness. If the elections fail, there will be a second round, their results will not be recognized. The election process will be delayed until the summer, and possibly until the fall. Military operations at this time will not be successful.

On April 29, Saturn will begin a backward movement — around this date there will be a turning point in the military confrontation in the east of the country, events that will lead to the disappearance of the conflict in the future. There will be some improvement in the overall situation.

Making enemies

In addition to these difficulties, the government will create others, moreover, artificially: “According to the map for proclaiming the Act of Independence of Ukraine dated August 24, the Rasi Libra-Taurus period runs until November 2019, then the Libra-Gemini.

The owner of the eighth house of this Libra-Venus sign card activates secret activities associated with enemies in this map, talks about the second passage of ships under the Kerch bridge, bans and sanctions towards the Russian Federation, the work of the special services, the draft law on declaring war. On the sign of Taurus falls 3 house horoscope, responsible for communications, language and neighboring countries. We can say that Ukraine is conducting secret negotiations with the Russian Federation, the issue of language and education will be discussed again. Venus is “burned” in this map. From November 2019, the 4th house of this card will be active — the sign Gemini, it shows clans, lands, opposition to the government. There is Ketu. And the owner of the twins, Mercury, is connected with Venus, the Sun and Jupiter in the 6th house of the map in Leo. This is a strong “sticking point” on enemies, invaders and military formations. The enemies of the Ukrainian government are necessary and it will constantly create them — to provoke. Also, pocket armed formations inside the country and various combat groups will be active. ”

Victory Day of the Right Forces and the scandalous secret of the past

“On May 7, Mars moves to Gemini, almost all the harmful planets end up on the axis of the signs Sagittarius-Gemini. Such opposition in the map on August 24, 1991 activates 4th house of state land and minerals, as well as general happiness, and 10th house of government and the image of the state. Patriotism as an indicator of these houses has negative aspects, which may mean the performance of right-wing forces and their active actions. And in the map on December 1, 1991, 12 home appointments for the post, losses, secret negotiations and 6 houses of military forces, terror and the seizure of territory are active. At this time, one of the secrets of the past will be scandalously revealed or new facts will be made public. For the future of Ukraine or the state into which this country will be transformed, this is a great period, ”Alexander Obraztsov believes.

At this time in the world: May 23-26 — elections to the European Parliament, we can expect radicalization of parliament. Most of the deputies will be the far left and right wing. Ukraine will not benefit from this

Tense summer of political crisis

“On June 16, the Sun will enter the sign of Gemini and, with Mercury, join the opposition of the planets. The effect of this combination will be somewhere in late May — early June. At this time, the political crisis will be resolved, due to the impossibility of continuing internal disputes amid external threats and challenges. Although it can be interpreted as a deterioration of the situation and the emergence of foreign armed forces on the territory of Ukraine. There will be constitutional changes.

At this time in the world: June 20-21, Brussels — meeting of the European Council

In my opinion, this series of events will lead to radical changes in the country, based on which you will need to make a new map, ”said Alexander Otraztsov, astrloger Dzhotysh.