Пт. Окт 23rd, 2020

Tarot about Ukraine in 2019: the choice of reason and sudden shock


Our author’s alignment in Ukraine as a state.
The general state of the state. Senior arcane «Lovers» and «Politeness \ Moderation». The first lasso speaks about the situation of choice when the country is at a crossroads. Indeed, we have come to a fork and the further path will depend on our choice. It is noteworthy that “Moderation” fell in a pair — this means that an understanding is being formed: it is necessary to choose not with feelings, but with mind. Perhaps the combination of the Arcana speaks of a choice in a broad sense between reason and feelings at the level of the collective unconscious Ukrainian people.
Perspective. Arkan «Wheel of Fortune» — the hope for «maybe» dominates. There is a spontaneous overlap and there is a high risk of repeating the teeth-laden cycle, if the errors are not worked out. Hope for outside help, which, judging by the alignment, is fundamentally wrong.
Threats Arkan «Tower». A direct warning to everyone building up power verticals, pyramids and / or towers with an eye to neomonarchism / paternalism: the colossus may seem to be powerful, but it will suddenly and quickly collapse. It is not excluded, we are talking about external support, on which the current government relies. Something sudden might happen that would nullify this support. And / or something will happen that will literally shake the foundations of the state. This will not be Maidan, but an event in the highest echelons of power: the disappearance of a high official, his / her refusal of power (self-repudiation).
Secret influences. Arkan «Strength». Hidden processes in the «power block», not only in Ukrainian. Someone associated with the «power block» has and / or will have an invisible, but very serious impact on what is happening in Ukraine.
What was (in general). Arkan «Chariot». Moving forward, albeit with the help of two mutually exclusive forces. A capacious symbol of Ukraine is a kind, as long as it is not declared to society, a goal to which the state, in the person of the current government, is striving.
What is. Arkan «The Sun». The current situation is excellent in the sense that there are hopes for the best and, accordingly, psychological regression to childhood.
What will happen. Arkan «Papa» («High Priest»). Since we are talking about the state, it is possible that spiritual leaders will come to power or will want to come and / or secular leaders will make wide use of spiritual leaders for their own purposes. At the same time, the state will acquire some signs of theocracy: the de facto state church, the advancement of political forces with spiritual values, the shift of emphasis in rhetoric on religious themes.
Threats and secret targets.
Threats that are losing relevance or those that will have no influence in the future. 5 swords — scramble, violent disputes, clashes, militancy, loss, sometimes in vain.
Actual threats. Queen of Swords. The loss is due to the woman and / or because of the emotions that have arisen in the heat of argument. The real threat from the dark-haired warlike woman.
What will manifest soon. 10 swords. Unfortunately, there may be collisions with victims or announcement of information about the number of victims of a resonant event and / or about the true causes of this event.
What to fear. 6 swords. In the process of negotiations / consultations, deceit, illusions, seemingly disinterested gift are possible, which then will result in losses and losses. In the case of the state, we are probably talking about peace talks, which are likely to be disrupted by proxies (trustee).
Mood in the state.
Losing relevance mood. In captivity of illusions and exaltation. Enthusiasm, serving a certain idea, fanaticism for the sake of a “bright tomorrow” are leaving.
Actual mood. 4 cups. Some stability, pause, waiting period and transfusion from empty to empty have been achieved. In connection with a mini-stagnation, there is dissatisfaction.
What will manifest soon. 9 cups. Triumph. Victory. Achieving a certain goal, meaningful for the majority of citizens of the state.
What to fear. Page of cups. Excessive gullibility can hurt, especially if there is a tendency to believe in illusions.
Prospects of the state.
The rivalry for a certain “super prize” (5 wands), a fight for the public, catching luck is a thing of the past. In exchange, the trend for long-term planning, for the creation of new opportunities for the state by the state itself (9 wands) is growing. There is a possibility that all these searches will be reduced to one or two narrow goals, to which all the power of the state will be directed. That is, Ukraine will stop playing on several boards, focusing on one or two. One should be afraid, oddly enough, of active law-seeking and tough upholding of their rights.
Austerity budget savings (8 pentacles) and duality in budgeting are moving away. Replaced by a slow, but sure, economic growth (3 pentacles). The financial basis for further development will be laid. And this growth will be limited both from the outside and inside the country artificially (4 pentacles). You should be wary of aggressive and / or overly active reform projects if they are related to finances, certain basic sectors of the economy and / or the economy of the state as a whole.