Пт. Окт 23rd, 2020

Tarot on Russia in 2019: secret power, conquest and contract breach


The general state of the state at the moment — the lasso «Moon». The state is immersed in fears, in self-digging. With regard to Russia, it is possible that fear will be fomented inside the country, and on the world stage the Kremlin will move to measures of hidden, soft influence. One gets the impression of the erosion of the state from the inside. Moreover, this erosion will inevitably lead to a situation of civilizational choice, similar to the one that Ukraine is experiencing, since the same lasso fell, “Lovers”. Distemper, fermentation, outbreaks of interest in the occult.
Unlike Ukraine, the hanged lanyard fell for Russia in the form of a perspective: the country will remain in isolation, impulses to change, to transformations will be extinguished, as far as possible, by means of power and, possibly, power vertical. At the same time, a powerful ideological base, fundamentally opposed to the true state of affairs (for example, the image of an enemy from the USA, etc.) will be brought under deterrence.
The threat to Russia is the fool \ Jester \ Joker lasso. In relation to this state, we can talk about an influential person who builds himself a simpleton and a jester of pea. This person in the Russian Federation is underestimated and / or overestimated. If we take it broader, unpredictability and suddenness are dangerous for Russia, i.e., there is a high probability of accidents that will not represent the power in the best light.
But if the «Jester» will act clearly, brightly and noisily, then the figure of the arcane «Magician» will have no less, and perhaps even more influence on the Russian Federation. This is a secretive person associated with secret knowledge and secret organizations, and to order and discipline. He is already considered the “master of destinies”, but his influence is hidden, hardly noticeable. It is not excluded, we are talking about a person from the circle of the current president or from his inner opposition. Regardless, this person is associated with a religious organization and / or even occupies a high position in its hierarchy. But he is not in the first cast.
In the past of Russia goes the lasso «Star», i.e. there was a period when the state at least declared a clear, clear and understandable goal for all. In the medium term, the “High Priest” arcanum falls out, which can speak of the increasing influence of the “Magician” with his transition to leadership positions both de jure in a religious organization and de facto — surrounded by influential people.
We turn to the younger lasso. Swords will reveal threats and secret targets. For the Russian Federation ceases to be a dangerous Queen of Swords. The same card fell out to Ukraine, but in the category “Actual threats”. Probably, there is a political figure (or state), which, having previously been hostile towards the Russian Federation and Ukraine, will change its position regarding Russia. If we compare the two alignments, this figure (or state) is reoriented in its criticism towards Ukraine. For Russia, the actual threat is the ace of swords — that is, disintegration and / or internal armed strife, as well as self-isolation due to quarrels with partners. Aggression and hot temper, an attempt to put pressure on them by force — all this is dangerous for the Russian Federation, but probably all this is and will be.
However, in the future, Russia in terms of threats is awaited by a wary calm of the Four of Swords, when the weapon is ready, but it is not used for various reasons. The calm will end in a catastrophe Dozens of swords: the disintegration of power structures, the destruction as a result of the struggle and / or, in principle, the unexpected completion of a process that will make the organizers’ strategies senseless.
For any state, sentiments are important, especially for Russia., Society’s sentiments are important. In this regard, an improvement is expected, as agonizing forebodings, depression and irritability Five cups go. Moreover, a key role in this will be played by the Knight of the Cups — a person who is able to influence the emotions and feelings of a large number of people. This is a massive leader, perhaps returning from a long trip \ captivity \ emigration, etc. On the other hand, the Knight of the Cups means the gradual triumph of sanity, the ordering of emotions. If, however, it is about a person, his influence will be hidden. Russia and Russians need to fear, oddly enough, the promotion of traditional domestic happiness and family values. Perhaps we are talking about family clans.
In terms of the prospects for Russia, the purpose of the Ace of Wands is moving away; it is replaced by a strip of rapid, chaotic and sudden changes of the Eight of Wands. Events will change one another kaleidoscopically, often without any visible prerequisites and reasons. The probability is high that Russia, as a state, will receive some news that will shake the power vertical, and society as well. And this news will pass either through the media, or in the form of an official document from the outside.
Fear in terms of prospects should be King of wands. That is, a person who substitutes for himself the goal of the state and / or claims exclusive rights for this goal. For example, Lenin became the de facto exclusive owner of “our goal is communism,” but in the USSR Lenin was considered the personification of the idea of communism. In the short term, a Knight of Wands may appear — a mediator — who will also zealously take «sculpt