Ср. Авг 12th, 2020

Recently, the president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, surprisingly admires his supporters. If before, it happened, he did not quite respond favorably to the question, now he began to dissolve his hands. What happens to the guarantor?

Protection of words

It seems that communication with disagreeable ones is very tense by the guarantor. In Chervonograd, Lviv region, someone exclaimed from the crowd, according to some reports, about debts to the miners.

«So! We know you are a miner, as I am a ballerina! «

— answered Petro Poroshenko.

Yet at the end of last year during the so-called tomos-tour, the President of Ukraine answered the questions of a person from the crowd about fighting corruption:

«I have a request to you. Go to the church, put a candle, because, you are a non-believer, the Lord will let you go».

However, the man was persistent — he asked if he could get to the guarantor for a reception on corruption issues, but Poroshenko drew attention that he spoke Russian:

«You see, they sent a person who did not even learn the Ukrainian language. They are all such Moscolic provocateurs, they are trying to split here. «

«Someone drank there and it was bad for him,» the guarantor responded to the cries of the crowds in Brovary. «You are not interested in us.»


Peter «in the bag»

But the closer to the election, the more argumentative Petro Poroshenko tries to communicate with people. In the course went hands.

Yes, in Zaporozhye the guarantor and the commander-in-chief tore off the girl’s cap.

According to some reports, the girl asked the president about blogger Shariy. The administration of the head of state explained:

«It was an accident. It all happened because of a careless move among a large number of people».

Another incident — Poroshenko, also in a crowd of voters, grabbed one of the men’s nose and laughed.

Narcissus on stage

Speeches to a large number of people really affect people in a rather specific way. This was to ZamPolit told psychologist, chairman of the NGO «Association of Psychologists of Ukraine» Together for the Future» Igor Lubkivsky:

«Perhaps all have seen photos of the collections of any Mary Kay or other similar network marketing system? There are always leading salespeople on the scene. Congratulate them, give them presents, applaud them loudly. Do this precisely because people (as well as those who cause them, and those who follow it) are influenced very specificly, as a certain social recognition, a sign that you are successful and that you are doing everything right. . It enhances their motivation and continues to do the same, increases confidence in the correctness of their own behavior. And for sales it’s really good. That is, to some extent, strengthening our narcissistic complexes, reinforces our motivation, which can be equally positive, when we really do everything right and need this additional motivation in order to continue to do so in the future. But it may be bad — when a person has long stopped to think and think».

Protective reaction

At the same time, Igor Lubkivsky draws attention to the fact that in the crowd there can be added a feeling of anxiety or uncertainty in itself, because the crowd is always dangerous:

«At the subconscious level, we always perceive it as it is. In the same situation, when Poroshenko tore off the head from the girl, they say that she asked him some unpleasant question from Sharia. If this is true, such an act could be an additional sign of dissatisfaction or annoyance. Because if we do not like something and annoy us something, then we definitely need to react somehow physically — some kind of word or action. He probably did not want to say something unpleasant to a young girl, so unconsciousness could react in this way. But again, judging something absent-minded here is very difficult. In order to evaluate it more or less reliably, it is necessary, at least, to be there to see the situation with our own eyes».

Conductor of emotions

Fizognognomicly in Petro Poroshenko can be more and more often fix such emotions, as irritation, rage, fear. About this to ZamPolit was told by Gestalt therapist Antonina Agilova. Expert notes that the change in the behavioral patterns is dictated by the change in the internal state, psychic energy. The mood depends on emotions, emotions depend on interpretation of events and from hormones:

«If we take into account the modern methods of typing people, as socionics or, even better, eniostyle, then in Petro Alekseevich the southern energy prevails in its types: emotions. And in the methods — power aspects, tricks. One can observe how he was on human emotions and «went in» for the post of head of state. He is the conductor of these emotions, and at the same time they are the covenant».

Who is hiding in it?

But, stresses Antonina Agilova, his essence does not coincide with the social mask, which Petro Poroshenko chose for himself:

«This is an intellectual. But long in the mask to be unbearable and useless. Still, the essence of the natural psychotype is manifested».

Emotional «disassembling»

The expert suggests, that it is because of the natural nature of Petro Poroshenko as a conductor of emotions, all of us during his presidential cadence «getting buried in emotions» and that, if the country does not work constructively, it will not move psychic energy from the place:

«At times, emotions are shuffled like cards in a log, a new logic, new ways, innovations relating to intellectual development. But when emotions take a halt, the rationale will be spared. «

Antonina Agilova believes, that in the case of re-election of Peter Poroshenko, the president will for the second term «the emotions and people will grow», so it is not particularly worthwhile to hope for growth and development of the country:

«In order not to walk in a circle, but to move on a spiral to another stage, Ukraine needs a person with the psychic energy of the East (from the enyotipation). Such a person will not be allowed to mumble. Because the functions of the system — self-preservation, preservation of the previous state. For development, change and resetting is required. In order for the ration to prevail, one must give way to emotions. This step does not jump».

Deadly people

Thus, the president of Ukraine and at the same time the candidate for the guarantor, feels uncomfortable, hence the strange acts. But there may be another reason for such behavior that combines it with its predecessor — fear.

Viktor Yanukovych, they say, who was afraid of an assassination attempt on life. However, he had at least an occasion — an unsuccessful attempt. So he was so scared of a dumb rounded item. Petro Poroshenko as a conductor of emotions can not but feel the true mood of people in the crowd. They may smile, maybe run over with him, but he is guessing about the true attitude to himself. Indeed, people’s thoughts are evidenced not only by their words or smiles, but also by non-verbal signals that consciousness does not always control. Undoubtedly, Poroshenko «catches» these signals, correctly interprets them — and is nervous. He has reason to fear the assassination of himself more than his predecessor.

Pink and shaggy

It is noteworthy that Poroshenko reacts surprisingly only in response to something: a word, a phrase, a stubby tone, and unusual movements are not scheduled in the «script». Maybe he expects aggression, an attack, and so on.

It is significant that in Zaporozhye the object of application of the effort was a hat of pink color. At one time, Russian singer Philip Kirkorov reacted inadequately to a pink, but a blouse. Then he was treated at a profile clinic in Israel and publicly apologized.

But such pranks of the president became a logical continuation of his behavior at press conferences for Ukrainian journalists, where he either avoided unpleasant questions, or attacked those who put them on the person.

Astrologer Jouches Alexander Obraztsov noted that it is generally surprising to hide the president of the blogger:

«The strange behavior of the president is connected with the signers of one blogger — Anatoly Shariy, who offered a reward for the question of why he was persecuted. In all the cities where Poroshenko was speaking, he asked them questions, so he simply does not know how to react. I think this historic precedent needs to be studied, because I have not heard anything where the president was hiding from the blogger».

Alexander Obraztsov also warns that:

«In the near future, the horoscope of Ukraine shows that a great fool will be committed in the legislative field, which will have very negative consequences for the country, as it was with the military state, only this time without the participation of the president. The elections will not take place or will not find the winner in a definite time».

Comfort zone

The current Ukrainian president is increasingly demonstrating that he does not want to go beyond his comfort zone. This is evidenced, for example, by the reluctance to hear an opinion different from one’s own. Either aggression or supremacy is not even criticism, but rather an inadequate appeal, to a question that can be interpreted as criticism.

An average person has the right to do so. But when the average person is not a commander-in-chief and is not responsible for the state and more than 40 million citizens, their lives and welfare. And if the president before the elections personally patronizes a purely economic, beyond his competence, the decision to pay compensation, the monetization of subsidies and other payments, you must first understand whether he does this to protect his comfort zone from the «cold wind» or whether he is overthrowly ungrateful people have something to keep silent.

And what is actually a person, which places itself in the epicenter of the political process.


The day after the publication of the article a new case