Вт. Окт 15th, 2019

Disservice: what the Ukrainians were looking for in Russia and what they found


Political noise in Kiev — presidential candidate Yury Boyko and one of the leaders of the «OP-For Life» Viktor Medvedchuk were received in Moscow by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Gazprom Chairman of the Board Alexei Miller. They talked about gas and price cuts. It seems they are crazy. Of course not, — Medvedchuk and Boyko broke the game of the president and, it seems, their own.

Go wa gas

Voyage did not become unexpected, — he carefully prepared. For several days before the trip, the results of opinion polls about the attitude of Ukrainian citizens to the Russians and the ban on Russian TV channels were announced. The society was presented with data according to which the society does not perceive the Russians as enemies.

At the same time, the most serious problem of the majority of Ukrainian citizens is the high utility tariffs, which the current government explains by the negative influence of Russia on Ukraine (annexation, indirect gas supplies, etc.). Roughly speaking, the tariffs outweigh the Russian aggression.

Horse moves

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko spoke out as an herald of the Bankova’s attempt to involve the US president Donald Trump in the pre-election intrigue, or the American Democrats, who will respond. Judging by the morning statement by the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, the democrats responded significantly. There remained a strong drama finale: Poroshenko’s entourage blames the Americans for everything, and Poroshenko, stepping over himself, goes to Moscow and brings cheap gas (as Viktor Yushchenko once drove). In one fell swoop, the guarantor, keeping connections in the United States, makes the Russian direction exclusive.

And suddenly, Medvedchuk and Boyko run across the road to him! But Poroshenko is monumental calm, even cheerful. Why?

I go to the gas

Oligarch Igor Kolomoisky announced his desire to return to Ukraine between the first and second rounds. Obviously, negotiate with the new president. This may cause Poroshenko and Medvedchuk to return to the idea of their own interests and a common enemy.

The most important trump card of one of the presidential candidates remains the price of gas. This person promises to reduce the price and, as a result, utility tariffs after his election victory. A direct competitor, seeing that no abstract ideas inspire people, must urgently seize the initiative. What was done: from now on, Boyko has exclusive rights on the subject of contacts with the Russian Federation and — most importantly! — to reduce gas prices and utility tariffs. Moreover, the tariffs and prices will not be reduced after the victory (which can be interpreted with a stretch as a bribe), and they almost quivered before voting. Rare selflessness, impossible without the personal connections of Viktor Medvedchuk.

Run, Vova, run

The fact that the Ukrainian guests were accepted by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation speaks about the personal participation of the Russian president in the process, but Putin does not want to “shine” for the time being. Formally, the theme was a gas transportation consortium based on the Ukrainian GTS, and for the Kremlin it is strategically important to have influence on the Ukrainian «pipe». That is, in essence, to become a monopolist of gas supplies in the region. And Moscow unambiguously made it clear who she wants to see as prime minister. Yuriy Boyko in this capacity will be a guarantee of respect for Russian interests.

But how? After all, we have elected coalition Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman. It makes sense here to recall the last interview of Medvedchuk to the TV channel 112, where he hinted to the prime minister that the parliamentary coalition could easily be reorganized as a winner, therefore Groisman’s term of office may be shorter than he imagined.

Hi, Medved

Probably, Medvedchuk drove Boyko to the bride in Russia. It remains to know the position of the United States. Will the states object? It is possible, after the scandal with Jovanovic, the White House will give up, not to Ukraine. Moreover, a conflict with Russia over Afghanistan is brewing. It is possible that the scandalous statements of Yuriy Lutsenko had a completely different goal — to make Washington “swallow” the new prime minister under the re-elected President Poroshenko.

The curator of the Ukrainian issue in the Russian Federation is Dmitry Medvedev. He is more or less acceptable to the West as a pragmatist and economist, who tried not to plunge into ideological scandals.

However, another option is possible: a hurried trip to Russia happened because of irritation of the United States, where Trump is still trying to build relations with Putin after failures in the Korean and Syrian tracks.

What about us?

Petro Poroshenko received a magnificent gift — now his electorate is convinced that the Russian threat is real, visible and close. And sympathizers of the presidential candidate Poroshenko close ranks, pulling up part of the voters of the right forces.

And the blue and white opposition presented to their electorate a nostalgic picture, when the tariffs were not so draconian, and a dollar of 8 hryvnias.

The voyage will end with an enchanting show, when the SBU and other law enforcement agencies will open a criminal case on charges of treason, perhaps Yuriy Boyko will be removed from the race, put in jail or will pour green paint.

And of course, “Batkivshchyna” is in a rage. Has the right to.

Lilia Brudnitskaya, expert of the TsSP «Choice»