Пн. Окт 26th, 2020

In Ukraine, the excitement — a petition for the legalization of medical cannabis gathered the necessary amount of «in favor» and in the Verkhovna Rada outlined the speedy adoption of the relevant law as one of its priorities. In fact, petitions are the very tool that allows people to tell the authorities what they need. We now have a presidential election, in the US they are relatively soon. What is the «knock» on the White House and on the banking peoples of the two countries-strategic partners?

President Beggar, Abortion and Hands Off the Internet

On the White House website, the titles of the most popular petitions look like this.
In the top there is a curious petition: «Take or block all the business and financial assets of the president.» Another popular petition: «Please contact the state of New York to repeal the latest laws expanding the grounds for abortion.»
Also, US citizens are demanding «Cancel the National Futures Association (PFA).» It is a structure-financial regulator that protects investors and, among other things, licenses companies and controls their work. If a company violates any rules, the NFA may limit the company’s rights in the futures market, as well as penalize the company and consider complaints and claims of the company and customers.
And closes the top four petitions «Do not cancel the No-neutrality.» No-neutrality (NN) prohibits providers from restricting the user’s Internet content. Note that if such a mechanism operated in Ukraine, blocking websites or social networks would be impossible. And NN want to cancel in the United States.

Voluntary vaccinations, mercy and corruption with seafarers diplomas

On the website of the President of Ukraine, the top electronic petitions look like this.
First place with more than 4 thousand votes — for a petition for pardon of Gennady Dronov. The author believes that Gennady Dronov, convicted of a high-profile traffic accident in Kharkov, was convicted unfairly.
The second is the petition «Cancel the bill to rename the Dnipropetrovsk region.» Third place — «To provide treatment for children with Duchenne muscular dystrophy.» Fourth — “Stop the illegal and inadequate price increase by 11 times for certificates and diplomas for seafarers. Return the State Inspectorate for certification of seafarers and training and training in the cities of Ukraine: Kherson, Izmail, Nikolaev, Mariupol.
On especially note two petitions about the voluntariness of vaccinations.

Deep meaning

We drew attention to the first four positions, which scored the maximum number of votes. If you compare, in the United States on the White House website, people support the maximum petitions on topics that affect all or most of the country’s citizens (or most of the US entities). That is, there is an understanding of the level of competence of the presidential administration. Is that the call to abolish the softer laws on abortion in the state, which can be considered as traditional. And also — as the promotion of traditionalists before the active phase of the American election campaign.
What do we have? In addition to vaccinations, local, almost personal, problems. In the petitions filed on the website of the President of Ukraine and collected at the moment the largest number of votes, the interests of certain groups, strata of the population.
There is a contrast, and it is striking: if in the USA the president is perceived as a functionary and is even ready to deprive him of everything acquired by overworking, such thoughts do not even occur to Ukrainian citizens. And if they do, they will not collect votes in support. At the same time, the Ukrainian president is perceived as some kind of ultimate truth, alternative to parliamentarism, the de facto branch of power. The Ukrainian president, according to the authors of top petitions, is a superman able to hear and help everyone.
Therefore, in Ukraine it is extremely important who exactly will be elected president. And in the USA they managed to curb even the indomitable Donald Trump.