Вс. Окт 25th, 2020

What does Trump’s declaration of the Golan Heights really mean?

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US President Donald Trump has signed a declaration recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. This happened during a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Friendship friendship

This is undoubtedly a friendly pass to Netanyahu, Mykola Polishchuk, head of the Ukraine-DPRK friendship society, told Zampolitts. According to him, Trump’s statement on sanctions against North Korea and his statement on the Golan Heights can be viewed as a package and also linked to the end of the investigation of the Muller Commission.

“Donald Trump received a serious tactical victory on the domestic front and immediately converted it into international initiatives. The statement on Israel is undoubtedly a friendly pass to Benjamin Netanyahu before the April 9 elections, which can add votes to him. However, America does not like to interfere in its elections, but can afford to support someone abroad. ”

Ukraine needs to be sensitive

Linking to the American elections is important for us, Nikolai Polishchuk notes. Especially considering the following events: Lutsenko’s statements regarding US Ambassador Jovanovych, before this “bleeding” of Sytnik’s records with compromising materials on Manafort, even earlier — almost unashamedly agitating Ukrainian diplomacy with Ambassador Valery Chaly for Hillary Clinton — are not conducive to normal relations between states, I am convinced expert.

“Without a doubt, the American embassy will keep track of how Trump’s initiative will be perceived by us and it would be desirable if our polite, completely inadequate through elections, didn’t do anything stupid. Moreover, some candidates (especially technical ones who work against Zelensky, and some political consultants from the headquarters of the current president) may also throw anti-Semitic slogans this week. ”

Moving to Jerusalem

According to Nikolai Polishchuk, Ukrainian diplomats should think about moving the representative office of Ukraine to Jerusalem, because «even Honduras is ahead of us in this.» However, the expert draws attention to the fact that domestic diplomacy evades decisive steps.

Not everyone agrees

Donald Trump’s declaration was not welcomed by everyone. For example, in the European Union they may not recognize the Golan Heights as Israel. In particular, this was stated by the representative of the EU diplomatic service Maya Kosyancic. Russia adheres to a similar opinion, only in a more rigid form: they officially declared about ignoring the trampy declaration. Great Britain expressed itself in the sense that the Shanks of the Heights is occupied by Israel. Not in ecstasy and Syria. We should expect a negative reaction from the UN, where last week they were assured that the status of the Golan Heights would remain unchanged.

What’s with this us

Ukraine theoretically loses nothing from the recognition of the Golan Heights. But in practice, the conflict between Israel, Syria, Palestine is a long-standing, ancient, one might say, civilizational one. Before signing the declaration, Trump sweetened Syria a bitter pill, saying that Syria is free from ISIS fighters. Moreover, it becomes clear why the United States had previously withdrawn troops from Syria.
But if a third state, bypassing the UN, can unilaterally decide where its territory is, it carries direct threats to the territorial integrity of many states, especially Ukraine. The Golan Heights, from the point of view of Syria, has been occupied by Israel since 1967. In 1981, Israel adopted a law on its sovereignty over heights, the UN Security Council recognized this decision. And if, say, Russia agrees with the United States on the Crimea, the peninsula, too, hypothetically, could withdraw the Russian Federation with the same motivation. What, among other things, puts in an unpleasant position the European Union, which has supported Ukraine in its territorial integrity for five years in a row.
Therefore, it is possible that in practice Trump’s declaration on the Golan Heights will not be fully implemented. But de jure the Golan are Israeli. If the sovereign is not able to keep them, Trump is not to blame. But — why not — can send a peacekeeping contingent. Anyway. Israel is now firmly tied to the United States, which means that this conflict, like the rich oil region, will be tightly controlled by the United States. And Washington will try to take revenge for miscalculations in other directions.