Вт. Сен 22nd, 2020

Author Georgy Kopchinsky

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Watched attentively series «Chernobyl» (HBO VS).

Impression not from the best. Undoubtedly, the series possess big emotional influence, especially on those who were not connected directly with the Chernobyl events or were born after them. His creators are professionals of high qualification. It is the fact. But the subject – the tragedy of planetary scale – demanded from them extreme accuracy and truthfulness in the image of these events and the people participating in them, in understanding of true motives of their acts.

They say, authors have the right for «art fiction». Perhaps. But provided that this fiction is based on established facts, does not spoil real heroes — both dead, and live. Authors of series obviously neglected this rule.

Literally each its episode contains a lie, sometimes primitive and aggressive. Here and dead the falling bird struck with radiation, and mothers with baby carriages admiring the fire power plants at 2 o’clock in the morning and the operators throwing the helpless companion in a zone of the raised radiation. All this nonsense to which only the semiliterate person with very limited moral qualities could give rise.

Especially depressing impression is made by an episode with burial (it is quite so shown in series) the firefighters and operators who died in the Moscow clinic No. 6. The waste ground, the general hole, lead coffins which are filled in by concrete. In reality they were buried with all honors at the Mitino cemetery in Moscow. There in their honor the memorial of memory of heroes is created. Heroes who subdued the fire on the destroyed reactor did not allow it to extend to other power units, prevented explosion of hydrogen and ignition of oil systems. Why all these fictions profaning the memory of the dead?

Not smaller indignation causes how the director of power plant V.P. Bryukhanov is represented. The most competent engineer, the stood intellectual, the person with high feeling of an office debt. Life extremely cruelly hit also it, and all his family. Nevertheless, neither the prison, nor the lost health broke Victor Petrovich. He did not hide behind others backs. Understood that the director of power plant is responsible for everything that on it occurs. The similar courage is estimable.

Bryukhanov is presented in the movie by the mumpish idol vomiting stamped bureaucratic phrases. The scene in the bunker when he in the company of the same comical characters guzzles with words is especially disgusting: «it is the peak of our glory». Above his subordinates, without sparing itself, heroically battle against fire and radiation. And it, drinking vodka, dreams of glory. Forgive, it is not art fiction, it is elementary intellectual wildness. Victor Petrovich lives in Kiev to this day. With health it is difficult. And here one more blow provoked by «creative» sadists.

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Not less grotesquely episodes with miners look. The minister going on a meeting with them accompanied by the submachine gunners clicking locks. In reply — foul language and obscene behavior. The Hamovity foreman stealing cigarettes from Legasov and through a lip talking to Shcherbina. And the scene with naked miners absolutely vulgarly looks. In fact the epic of creation of thermoprotection of a base plate of the reactor building is a continuous heroics. Conditions were more, than heavy. Temperature is higher than 40 degrees. Special radiological danger. But miners made the business, having liquidated threat of an exit of radioactive products in ground waters. Why did authors need to vulgarize their feat?

The similar question can be asked about an occasion of an episode of drainage of the pool – the bubbler. The hero of series, the academician V. Legasov to a limit dramatizes a situation, saying that performance of this work — certain death. Also it is necessary to get permission to murder of its performers at M. Gorbachev. Actually nothing similar was. Three employees of the CNPP A. Ananenko, B. Baranov, V. Bespalov professionally performed this work without permissions of the Secretary general of the Central Committee of the CPSU, Shcherbina and V. Legasov’s admonitions. B. Baranov continued to work for the CNPP and died in 20 years after accident. Other two are alive. Recently all three became Heroes of Ukraine. This award, let and overdue, become serious bottles of vodka which to them was handed by authors of series.

Vodka in series dominates. All drink. Both management, and liquidators, and soldiers, and generals. Even the scientist Legasov uses it glasses. He is not lagged behind by the agents of KGB observing it. And the tent army town – the chaos of the alcoholics absorbing vodka boxes is simple. And on this background ubiquitous agents of KGB keep secret shadowing all, including the head. All this the heresy based on the western stamps and propaganda dogmas. Reached that even the book in library could not be received without the permission of KGB.

It is possible to remember also other episodes in which real events are spoiled with «art conjectures». Here and a children’s round dance on the bridge before the CNPP that tragic night. And the falling helicopter which got over the reactor to a cloud of radioactive dust. (In fact this accident took place in October, 1986 because of collision of the helicopter with the crane). Here and the dubogolovy official who refused to the female physicist a business trip to Chernobyl under a glass of vodka on duty with a toast «Proletarians of all countries unite».

In general all leading ranks are presented in series by pigheaded, gloomy types with the empty eyes deprived of an elementary human thought. Even the Secretary general M. Gorbachev can be recognized only on characteristic external sign. Authors persistently impose to the viewer a thought that the Chernobyl liquidators are an assemblage of the thoughtless individuals drugged by vodka, who are ruthlessly killing pets and sending to certain death of the subordinates.

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Several words about the main characters of series: B. Shcherbin, V. Legasov and the female physicist from Minsk.

Let’s begin with the last. The fact that its image fictional, also authors of series do not deny. But the fact that she to a descent understood causes of accident it is already obvious search. In reality to reveal and prove true causes of accident, the leading reactor scientists had to execute very difficult hours-long calculations, and then to coordinate the received results with real indications of station devices. All this demanded several months of intense work of staff of the leading nuclear institutes of the country, first of all, Kurchatov. Even the most gifted loner scientist could not solve such problem.

As for B.E. Shcherbina, the image created in series has no relation to this person. It never plunged into doubts. Around it work was humming. Being the brilliant organizer, it had huge authority. And never threatened to throw out V. Legasov from the helicopter.

At last, about the third hero. V. Legasov was the talented scientist. But not in the field of reactor technologies. Its role in the Chernobyl epic is strongly exaggerated. At a conference in IAEA in August, 1986 he said not all truth about causes of accident in the report.

In series it is claimed that V. Legasov, after painful fluctuations, told all truth in court in Chernobyl. At the same time, laid the main blame for accident on creators of the RBMK reactor. But V. Legasov, as well as B. Shcherbina, did not participate in the Chernobyl court. He so publicly also did not recognize that in August, 1986 he hid a part of the truth. V. Legasov’s suicide — not intrigues of KGB. At it the relations with colleagues from the Kurchatov institute more and more became complicated. He was not elected in him Scientific and technical council. Practically none of researchers of the Kurchatov Institute passed into the academic institute, newly established especially for Legasov. Valery Alekseyevich appeared alone. A last straw was the fact that his candidate was struck by the country leaders off the list presented on the Hero Trud’s rank. As the chief physician of the Moscow clinic No. 6 A.K. Guskova told: «Legasov had very low painful barrier». The first attempt of suicide was prevented in time by the appeared in time son. For the second time the son was late.

In essence, the series mentioned some episodes, favorable to his authors. Nothing «Shelter» is told about creation of an object. About restoration, modernization and inclusion in operation of the first three power units of power plant. About works on dust suppression and deactivation of its territory. About protection of water resources of the Dnieper basin. About city building the Slavutich and settlements for immigrants. And about many other.

The CEO of IAEA G. Bliks during the visit on the CNPP in January, 1987 told: «I am not a supporter of the centralized control system. But what was made by you hardly was feasible for the state of democratic sense». The dissonance between this statement and what is shown in series – is obvious.

Among not numerous udach of series — a tragic story of family of the fireman Ignatenko. Unfortunately, there were many such stories. It is necessary to agree with the fact of some confusion of the leadership of the USSR in the first postemergency days, with a delay of the notification of residents of Pripyat about radiological danger. The truth is the increased risk for health of the soldiers cleaning a roof of power plant from fragments of the destroyed reactor. There were attempts to diminish accident scales, to distort the reasons of its emergence. We with N. Steinberg told about these and other facts in the book «Chernobyl. About last, real and future» (Kiev, Osnova-Print, 2011). Hoped that the book will give an impetus to discussion of lessons of accident, technical and root causes of its emergence. Unfortunately, the series are far from this purpose.

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The detailed analysis of causes of accident is presented in the report of INSAG-7 (1992) prepared by group of the leading world experts at the CEO of IAEA. It is possible to find it in the Internet. The accidents given about medical consequences contain in reports of Scientific committee on action of atomic radiation (NKDAR) at the UN. In particular, in the report of 2007 it is recorded: number of people with the proved symptoms of beam diseases — 134, number of the dead from reradiation — 47. The damages of a thyroid gland caused by radiation are revealed at 6,000 people. Fortunately, probability of lethal outcomes in this case low. Genetic anomalies are recognized as improbable. Unfortunately, this dry scientific ascertaining does not consider that accident negatively affected health of many thousands of people even without essential, within admissible influence of radiological factors.

On the Internet information that Russians decided to create the version of Chernobyl accusing CIA of sabotages on the CNPP walks. Think again, do not multiply a lie. This nasty thing and so more than is enough: here and the schizophrenic «Russian woodpecker», and marasmus about diversions and terrorist attacks, and a nasty lie about calls from the Central Committee. To fight against a lie, generating a new lie – unworthy occupation. Buy flowers better and put them on graves of our children at the Mitino cemetery.

Information on the author:

Kopchinsky G.A. is among leading experts of the world in the field of nuclear safety.

During accident (1996) he worked in the office of the Central Committee of the CPSU as the manager of the sector of nuclear power and, respectively, supervised works on recovery from the accident from first minutes. Owning a full picture of tragic events, Kopchinsky (in common with N. Steinberg) wrote the book «Chernobyl: As it was. Prevention».


Kopchinsky Georgy Alekseyevich, was born in 1939 in Talnoye of the Cherkassk region.

In 1962 graduated from Nuclear power plants department of the Moscow power institute.

Worked at Institute of physics, then at Institute of nuclear researches of Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR. Candidate of Technical Sciences.

Since 1973 worked in the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine.

Since 1976 worked as the deputy chief engineer of the Chernobyl NPP.

Since 1980 worked as the director of the Smolensk NPP.

Since 1983 worked as the instructor, and then the manager of the sector of nuclear power of the Central Committee of the CPSU.

Since 1989 godarabotat the head of department of nuclear power of Bureau of Council of ministers of the USSR of fuel and energy complex.

In 1991 it was appointed the First Deputy Chairman of the State committee of Ukraine on nuclear and radiation safety.

In 2000 it is appointed the CEO of Gosatom of Ukraine.

Since 2001 is engaged in advisory and expert activity.

https://www.obozrevatel.com/my/life/78501-chernobyil-nasha-bol-vospominaniya-rukovodstva-chaes-o-katastrofe.htm https://radio.vesti-ukr.com/broadcasts/postfactum/49665-georgij-kopchinskij-o-budushem-atomnoj-energetiki-bezopasnosti-reaktorov-i-prichinah-avarii-na-chernobylsko

From edition. The series «Chernobyl» became a film event of year, drew attention to a perspective of the Chernobyl tragedy and at the expense of it were beyond resonant series. We publish the open letter of the participant of those events that readers could make fuller picture about happening in April, 1986. Let’s note that authors of series, responding to reproaches and complaints on inaccuracies and frank stiffnesses, referred to a conjecture and fiction. They have to be ready that if the conjecture and fiction are applied to specific people, these people can and have the right to express the opinion.