Maximum Security Hospital: What Ukraine Will Turn Coronavirus COVID-19 and the Supreme Forces


The dream of all Ukrainian presidents came true — the people of Ukraine put on «muzzles.» However, fabric and still until April 3, but — voluntarily!

Forbidden lobby

Quarantine measures increasingly resemble opposition to another Maidan. A classic example is the Verkhovna Rada and the situation with journalists. The restrictions against which the Ukrainian journalistic community and European politicians have rebelled are bleak against the background of the new regime of visits to Parliament by representatives of the media: it is possible, but strictly limited number and only in the press bed. You can ‘t strictly on the sidelines. This does not mean that journalists are cut off from communication with people ‘s deputies at all. They have the square of the Constitution and an unlimited space under the fence. But on the Square of the Constitution carry the watch of the eagle Arsen Avakov, because of the fence it is possible not to cry to the «body,» and the «bodies» themselves have the opportunity to sneak away secret paths.

Power of a second-hand

If disinfection was meant, it ‘s from the curiosity virus. Cut off from direct sources of information, journalists will have to recycle information sekond-hand. The share of fakes will increase sharply, which, in turn, will provoke a tightening of the regime of work for journalists at the legislative level. And — alas! — at that moment there will be plenty of grounds for it.

Given that all mass actions are prohibited, the society will be guaranteed to be cut off from reliable information about outbreaks of dissatisfaction. Power over minds will be seized by rumors, whispers, speculations and fantasies, mostly generated «where to.»

There will be no one to catch the power of lies or bad intentions. What to control!

Meanwhile, it will make it easy to hide the real scale of the coronavirus epidemic. As well as the fact that pathetic remnants of the health care system are unable to resist not that coronavirus, but also banal influenza.

Public eyes in white robes

Quarantine has been calling one association in memory since March 17. With Peter Poroshenko ‘s martial law. POPE VP, Green ‘s transformation of the country into one big zone. One wanted to flood the territory looking in camouflage, the other in white robes. Didn ‘t want prefects looking from the president in law? Receive doctors.

Quarantine measures of this level in Ukraine for the first time. We are justified only by what is similar, if not worse, throughout the world. Especially the democratic community needs to strictly ensure that quarantine measures do not pass into dictatorship, and the cloth «muzzle» does not become iron and does not grow into faces. At us this threat is especially relevant in the light of the law on the land market and other very controversial normative acts, the projects of which are «hung» in the Verkhovna Rada.

Block flows — sterilize Maidan

The government-voiced idea of stopping long-distance passenger service and punishing those who either did not report symptoms or escaped quarantine is also alarming. Strict measures are justified, but in our country who guarantees that in forced isolation will not be unwelcome citizens? And the message between the goats blocks the movement of the masses, who, what good, can gather on some Maidan.

World of a snake

Against the background of quarantine insanity, there are two processes that are mentioned in a slippery way. The first is the actions of China and its agents in the stock market. The second is the transformation of Putin ‘s power pyramid. That Beijing bought its own debts cheaply and bought campaigns promises a curious financial summer. The fact that Putin carried out his amendments and got a wonderful opportunity to put a «muzzle» on the remnants of the opposition, which was still trembling, led to a strange effect in Ukraine — Victor Medvedev instead of Vladislav Surkov monopolized the peace process. Synchronously, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Alexander Turchinov and Leonid Chernovetskiy declared their hope to return to the Ukrainian policy. If the first two try to play the main cards (kompromat) as part of the peace process, the Cosmos man aimed at the Motherland with purely mercantile intentions: the famous «nets» are torn, melted, but functional — and they can bring Lena a goldfish.

Bulls, bears and Ukrainian premieres

And a change of government. In Ukraine, prime ministers are discounted for economic reasons, but much more global. Goncharuk ‘s resignation, more precisely, he himself, revealed the mystery of the periodicity of the change of Ukrainian prime ministers. Everything to banality is simple:

— If the global stock market is growing, we have reformers coming in and collecting loans like honey bee,

— If markets collapse, it is the turn of «strong economic workers.»

That is, Ukraine has not been bluffing on the stock market for the first year. The task of «strong economic workers» is to buy Ukrainian debts for a penny (which is done with its China), the task of «reformers» is to put dust in the eyes and promote the pyramid of OVGZ and Ukrainian on IPO.

It is strange that on the coat of arms of Ukraine there is no «bull» or «bear.» Exchange, certainly. The speed at which Goncharuk was removed, as well as the high prizes of ministers, is just a side effect. Those who twisted the prizes, still cool specialists in their business, they saw what was going for.

But now the situation is critical. Joined China the game, a game goes large. Ukraine urgently needs to throw its main trump card on the «suckno,» — the land. For this, besides voting in Rada, it is necessary to ruin agricultural holdings. Quickly and forever. Which will be done with quarantine.



A little mystical: The Intent of the Supreme Forces

Game goes desperate. The misfire is inadmissible. According to secret agreements, some Ukrainian politicians are ready to lag behind Crimea by default in exchange for turning the liberated Donbass into a local economic bubble for the EU and Russia. The grey zone will remain grey, not military, but economic. To cover the deal, it is necessary to open the land market, beating the ground (literally) from under the feet of agricultural holding and destroying latifundists.

The combination is folded as by notes if not for one «but.» There are Highest Forces. They have a different plan. By activating the energy of the dead and parasitizing it, Ukrainian politicians, possibly, without their own understanding, activated a dangerous egregor. He gives power and strength, but in return he demands sacrifices. Dead if not left alone are known to be insatiable. Only the flow of energy alive can interrupt the flow of dead energy, but where to take it? It should be a pure, positive and, above all, collective emotion of the majority of citizens of Ukraine. Compassion? Self-sacrifice? Something very bright, powerful and unanimous, without self-interest and attachment to Earth ‘s benefits. It is impossible to say that all these years such emotion is not sought. The research was, however, unsuccessful so far. The flow of dead energy was stronger. One thing remains — mutual assistance in its best manifestations. The attempt broke down because of the New Sanjar, but that doesn ‘t mean you can ‘t try again.

As banal as it may sound, Ukraine needs living heroes, on whom indeed, without coercion and naked propaganda, it would like to equal everything. Until then, Ukraine will repeat the accepted scenario until oskomina. Until we learn our lessons.